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an unedited brain dump on timing

December 2022

a bit of a misnomer
this will be my last edition of squad recs, and it’s a violent one i ask friends what trends they hope d*e in 2023, here is everything that was said…
squad: @noampomsky, @katiewav, @fiveskyze

November 2022

squad: @rSanti97, @nwilliams030, @katiewav
squad: @isosteph, @bayes_baes, @katiewav
squad: @eugenewei, @terrygtnguyen, @katiewav
squad: @katiewav, @xaelophone, @omgadamho

September 2022

I’ve been chatting with many young people lately, and they are all generally very stressed and anxious about the future. I offer them my own advice, but…
I moved to New York two years ago; I’m a wildly different person today than I was back then (new grad, new city, peak-COVID). Here are twenty four…

August 2022

I’ve been thinking about taste lately—what it means to have taste, how to develop taste, and what taste looks like in a world where trends are dead. The…